Warwick Newson aka Woz
The Boss

Warwick started Asgard back in 1990, just before body piercing hit the mainstream news, starting as a manufacturer and wholesaler of jewellery the demand for piercers was evident, training with the E.P.P.A the first association for piercing. Asgard was the first professional piercing studio in the Wessex region. Warwick still pierces but is supported by a team of 4 piercers and three tattooists.

Katarzyna Sikorska
Principal Piercer and Shop Manager

Kat our principle piercer also keeps an eye on the whole operation here at Asgard, Always smiling she is adept at putting nervous customers at ease. She loves the challenges each day presents, and goes out of her way to make your piercing experience a good one.


Rich came to us as a very experienced artist and has been with us for three years now. He specializes in colour work, old school/new school as well as Black & Grey, tribal, cover-ups and custom designs.

Both of our artists enjoy working with your existing ideas and designs, so bring in what you have and we can work with it to get exactly what you have in mind. Check out the artists portfolios to see their skills.


Jarek is an excellent freehand artist and specialises in grey shading and old school, traditional work, equally happy to do flash from the walls and to customise designs to suit your needs.

Reception and Piercing

Ceri is a keen and enthusiastic piercer, happy to answer your questions and provide you with a complete and comprehensive piercing experience. She prides herself on her people skills and will do her best to make you feel calm and comfortable.